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Time to enjoy rather than endure the weather!

My sketch to describe what's happening

What beautiful weather we’re having today. After weeks of chilly and cloudy conditions it’s fantastic to see the sun and enjoy, rather than endure, being outside. The great news is tomorrow is going to be even milder and looks set to be the warmest day of the year so far.

The high pressure which has been dominating our weather for the last fortnight is gradually moving away to be replaced by an area of low pressure controlling weather events. That change is bringing in warmer air from the south.

The rubbish sketch above will hopefully explain very simply what is happening:

In the Northern Hemisphere air moves around areas of low pressure anti clockwise (hence why they’re called anti-cyclones). Air moves around high pressure areas (cyclones) clockwise. We are between the two with low to our west and the high to the east. The result is that warmer air from the south is being channeled up to us, increasing the air temperature.

With that warmer air on its way this afternoon we shouldsee highs of 10 degrees. That’s actually about average for this time of year but will feel very pleasant as we enjoy almost unbroken sunshine and light winds.

Tomorrow afternoon we should see temperatures up to 13 (or if we’re lucky 15) degrees in the afternoon making it the warmest day so far in 2013. Those milder temps will continue for the rest of the week but as the area of low pressure approaches we will get increasing unsettled weather.

So enjoy the sunshine today and tomorrow and enjoy the fact that whilst it may be wetter after then, at least it will be mild.

See you later