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Faye Barker Photo: ITN

The rise of social networking is phenomenal but, as we know, it isn't without its risks. The more trivial of these concerns can be writing something on Twitter you may later regret or posting a not too flattering photo on Facebook. These spur of the moment actions probably happen to many of us, but rarely will it cost you thousands of pounds...

However, you may well have heard the tale this weekend of Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart who sent a tweet to her followers on Friday evening saying: "I will give £1.00 to Comic relief for every re-tweet of this message before 9pm". 35 minutes later the tweet had been re-tweeted 14,268 times which meant a donation of £14,268. That is quite hole in the pocket. Ms Mactaggart freely admits she can afford a donation this size but did get a bit worried as the number grew and grew. She'll be with us in the studio this evening to tell us all about it.

A number of London councils have been exposed as spending money on private investigators for surveillance work. The campaign group Big Brother Watch says nearly £4 million has been spent on "snooping" by public bodies in the last two years, some of which may be illegal. The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says the Government has clamped down on the overuse and abuse of surveillance powers by town halls, but added it is unacceptable if councils are trying to sidestep new checks.

Plenty of people have been out and about enjoying the craic today for St Patrick's Day. We'll have all of the pictures of celebrations in London plus of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge handing out shamrocks to 1st Battalion Irish Guards in Aldershot.

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