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Manali's weather blog

Weather presenter Manali Lukha. Photo: ITN

So the weather is once again hitting the news headlines.

Heavy rain, snow and strong winds overnight have caused widespread disruption up and down the country.

Parts of southwest England are under flood alert. Elsewhere heavy snow has led to extensive travel problems with tricky driving conditions and even airport closures.

Weather warnings from the Met Office and flood alerts from the Environment Agency are in force across the country.

This weather system originated as an area of low pressure which moved in off the Atlantic. It initially brought heavy rain to southern and south-western areas, however as the rain moved north and east, it met with cold air and turned to snow.

It seems the London area has escaped the worst of it so far, although we are at risk of seeing sleet and snow later today and into tomorrow.

Northern home counties will initially see sleet and snow and this will spread further south through the day tomorrow.

It will feel bitterly cold this weekend.

Temperatures will really struggle and if you add on the strong east to northeast winds it will feel pretty raw if you are outdoors.

Looking at the outlook for next week there doesn't seem to be any sign of things warming up!