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"Super inquest" reaches verdict after 10 weeks of evidence

A "super inquest" into the six deaths began in January and has heard evidence including transcripts and audio clips of 999 calls that were made by those trapped in the fire.

These included a phone call made by designer Miss Hickman, who described fire consuming her flat and fell unconscious while talking to a phone operator.

Mrs Udoaka's husband Mbet also described in a statement the last conversation that he had with his wife.

"The last words she said to me were that the smoke was too much, she couldn't bear it any more, Michelle our daughter was going to heaven.

"She said if I didn't see her again she would be going to heaven."

Jurors have heard detailed information about the layout and structure of the tower block and how emergency services dealt with the inferno.

Questions have been raised over why some residents were told to stay in the building and some to leave, and over whether some firefighters knew the layout of the block.

The fire started in a faulty piece of electronic equipment in flat 65, and spread to flat 79 where Miss Hickman lived with her boyfriend Mark Bailey.

She had previously asked about how to escape in the case of a fire.

Smoke and flames also spread to flat 81, where the other five victims were sheltering.

Firefighters said that the huge blaze involved the first case they had seen of flames spreading downwards in a building.

Pathologists said Miss Hickman died from inhalation of fumes and burns, and the other five from inhalation of fire fumes.

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