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Faye Barker's Easter Sunday blog

Faye Barker Photo: ITN

Happy Easter everyone - hope you're having a good day. We have certainly been munching on plenty of chocolate goodies around the newsroom... but also keeping us occupied is bringing you the top stories in the capital today so I will crack on (ok, I promise no more egg references).

The "Plebgate" affair seems to be an issue that just isn't going away. There are more twists and turns today from the former cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell and allegations that he called police officers in Downing Street "plebs". Today Mr Mitchell has lodged a formal complaint against Scotland Yard over the apparent leaking of its report into the affair, accusing the Metropolitan Police of trying to destroy his career. The Met says its inquiries into the matter are continuing.

The rivalry between universities Oxford and Cambridge reaches its annual climax today on the Thames. Security has been stepped up for the Boat Race after protestor Trenton Oldfield swam into the paths of the crews last year, halting the race. Royal Marines will be patrolling the river to ensure all runs smoothly.

Not to be outdone, the crowds are also out for the Goat Race in Spitalfields. Two goats - one named Oxford, the other Cambridge - will hoof it around an urban farm to see which is victorious. According to the organisers, in the event of a dead heat, the goat that can eat a carrot the quickest will be declared the winner. You can read more about it here

Both events are at 4:30pm and we'll have all the details of the winners in our programme at 6pm.

Hope to see you then, Faye