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Clare's weather blog for Monday 1 April

Clare Nasir. Photo: ITV News London

More of the same, spring is still on hold


So it's been the coldest March since 1962, with temperatures across Southern England on average three degrees lower than the expected norm.

It's also been a very dull one, receiving only 53% of its average sunshine. Early April begins where late March left off. Cold and mostly dry - but the prospect of a little sunshine.


Clear skies overnight into Tuesday morning will mean low temperaures again, with the risk of a frost.

Tomorrow dawns sunny, but very cold. There will be little change during the afternoon.

However there will be a significant wind chill tomorrow with a strong east to northeasterly wind.

This will be the pattern of weather during the course of this week.

There will be variations in cloud amounts - Wednesday morning is looking a little cloudy and Thursday cloudier still.

The biting northeasterly wind will be with us all week, so when the sun goes in it will feel bitter.


By day tempeatures will reach 7C, by night they will dip just below zero, so there's always a chance of a frost.


The weather will stay cold and dry for at least the next 10 days.

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