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Snake rescued near Dartford Tunnel

The Californian Kingsnake, as the name would suggest, is a native of the Western US and Mexico Photo: Wayne May

A Californian Kingsnake has been rescued from the hard shoulder near the Dartford Tunnel. The reptile was spotted in a small plastic tank at the side of the road. The non-venomous reptile is now being cared for by snake experts.

The Californian Kingsnake is a popular pet as it is easy to look after Credit: Wayne May

California Kingsnake Facts

  • The California kingsnake is found over most of California and Arizona, including the highest mountain ranges
  • They are opportunistic feeders, feeding on almost any vertebrate they can overpower. Common food items include rodents, reptiles, birds and amphibians
  • The King Snake is a non-venomous species that loops around, constricts and then squeezes the prey until it suffocates
  • Because of their cannibalistic nature, no more than one California kingsnake should be kept in a single enclosure at once
  • The California kingsnake was introduced to Gran Canaria by the accidental or deliberate release of individuals bred in captivity. In 2007, its naturalization was confirmed on the northeastern side of the island, and in 2009 it was discovered in an area on the northwest side.

Source: Wikipedia