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Today's weather blog from Manali

Spring is in the air...

The sun is shining and its set to be a beautiful day across the capital.

Don't be put off by the temperature outside at the moment. It's cold and frosty as we saw temperatures get down to -1 last night.

As the day goes on, temperatures will recover and we might get to double figures this afternoon!!

Compared to the past few days, that's positively barmy...especially as March 2013 was recorded as the second coldest on record and it's only the start of April and we have already witnessed one of the coldest April days since 1966 (parts of Southeast England on Thursday saw temperatures rise to only 3.4C)

This weekend's weather is looking pretty reasonable. The forecast is for it to stay dry with sunny spells. The most notable change however, is going to be the wind.

Lighter winds this weekend will mean it will feel less cold, despite temperatures still being below average for the time of year.

We have been stuck with a biting cold and keen east to northeast wind, and the winds are going to be significantly lighter this weekend and a change in winds direction expected over the coming few days.

On the downside, the high pressure that has dominated our weather patterns of late will slip away, allowing Atlantic weather fronts to move in next week, the weather next week will become rather unsettled.

I shall be manning the ITV London weather desk this weekend and will be tuning into the Grand National today.

I pulled out Harry the Viking in the office sweep-stake...