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Manali's weather blog for Sunday 7 April

Manali Lukha Photo:

I was half excepting the smell of a BBQ yesterday… with the sun finally making an appearance (and without the bitter wind we had last week) I saw plenty of people sat in the park or spilling out of beer gardens, sporting shorts and t-shirts and soaking in the warmth from the sun.

Temperatures across London got into double figures (10.9C at St James Park).

The sunshine today is a little more hazy with high cloud in the sky, however the wind remains light and in the sunshine it will still feel rather pleasant.

The cloud will continue to build this evening, and tonight we start to pick up an easterly breeze.

With the cloud cover and the breeze however, temperatures will hold up and it should be a frost free night.

Tomorrow on balance there will be more cloud compared to the weekend, but with breaks in the cloud we are still set to see some bright or sunny spells. It will be rather breezy though, so feeling more chilly.

It turns increasingly unsettled from Tuesday. Low pressure becomes firmly established allowing a series of weather fronts to move in off the Atlantic.

From Tuesday skies will be cloudy, it will be windy with showers or longer pulses of rain.

Keep your umbrella to hand.