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Could Sunday be the warmest day of the year?

People enjoying the sunshine on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond in March last year Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Could Sunday be the warmest day of the year?

Inshort the answer is yes. Sadly that says more about the recent dismal weatherthan a stellar weekend forecast.

Thecurrent 2013 record for the London region is 17.1*C set on Tuesday the 5thMarch in Gravesend.

Sundaylooks like also getting up to 17C thanks to an airflow of warm air being funneled-up from the south. It could sneak as high as 18C if we get sunshinebut unfortunately the forecast models look increasingly cloudy.

Thereason we're getting the southerly airflow on Sunday is as a result of ananti-clockwise spinning area of low pressure sitting to our west drawing air upfrom Spain and France.

If that low pressure stays out to the west we couldenjoy some lovely sunshine, if it pushes further East we could see some wetterweather move in on Sunday afternoon.

At the moment computer forecasting modelsthink we'll be somewhere between the two, so cloudy with a few brighter breaksis the conservative guess.

Sadly when it comes to British weather the onlything you can predict with absolute confidence is that it'sunpredictable.

Have a great weekendand keep your fingers crossed for the sunshine!