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Manali's weather blog for Saturday 13 April

A taste of summer?...

It looks like the weather is going to bypass spring for a few days and move straight on to summer...

We are set to see a big jump in temperatures tomorrow and Monday.

It will be great to finally lose the woolly hat and coat and dust down the summer wardrobe.

Last summer I was heavily pregnant so it's been a while since I have had access to these clothes.

They say good things come to those who wait and we just need to let today's rain push through before the warmer air stream arrives.

We started this morning on a dry and bright note. However the clear skies have now been replaced by cloud with a band of rain moving from west to east.

The rest of this afternoon will stay cloudy without breaks of rain.

Whilst the main band of rain will clear through this evening, we will be left with a legacy of cloud and damp conditions. It will be quite a murky night, but mild. Temperatures for most staying up in double figures.

This is quite a change given that over the past few months we have struggled to get into double figures by day.

Sunday, after a slow start will be a fine day. Breezy but warm.

Monday will be less windy with sunshine, isolated showers, and still rather warm.

It will turn cloudy, wet and windy for a time on Tuesday.

Wednesday starting off bright but becoming cloudy and wet later.