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Clare's weather blog for Sunday 14 April

Rain will never be too far away... at least Spring has sprung!

The rest of today will turn cloudier as a weakening weather front spreads from the west.

This will give a little rain overnight. The combination of thick cloud, strong winds and mild air with keep temperatures up at around 8 to 10C.

Monday morning will begin cloudy, and again there could be a little rain in places. Winds will continue to blow with a good strength, so a blustery day.

Sunshine and a few afternoon showers

At least the sun will break through at time -and it will feel warm under brighter skies. Highs will reach 16C, although a few showers, particularly in the west can't be ruled out.

More cloud, wind and rain

Tuesday and Wesdnesday will be cloudy with rain at times andstrong winds.

Temperatures will hold at 13 or 14C by day, and 7C by night, sowe will continue to be affected by this mild air stream.

The future's brighter.

Thursday looks brighter with some blustery showers andexpect conditions will settle for the weekend ahead.

Have a great week._