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Martin Stew's weather blog for Friday April 16

One quirk (but not perk) of being a weatherman is being able to tell friends what the weather will be like on their wedding day.

The worst case scenario is that you have to break the news it will be a wash-out. The best case is you tell them it will be sunny and then panic the forecast may change as the weekend approaches.

So it was with trepidation I looked ahead at the charts for Saturday when two of my best friends are tying the knot in Essex. I needn't have worried.

After low pressure has dominated this week, high pressure starts to take hold on Friday.

The result is the wind which has blown light rain and showers across London is easing. Friday and Saturday look far more settled. Sunny spells, less breezy and dry.

Temperatures for the weekend a reset to be in the mid teens, that’s about average for this time of year. Not hot, but certainly pleasant out of the wind when the sun is out.

The settled weather is breaking on Sunday but the rains weeping in from the west shouldn't reach London until Monday. Good news.

All I need now to enjoy the wedding is an empty dance floor and a well stocked bar!