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Poll reveals 'Met still racist' 20 years after Lawrence death

Over 1,100 people were questioned across London Photo:

Twenty years after the death of Stephen Lawrence an exclusive YouGov poll with ITV News London and LBC 97.3 reveals the public's perceptions of attitudes towards race in the Metropolitan Police.

Over 1,100 people were questioned across the city:

1) Do you think that London is a less racist city than it was 20 years ago?

  • 52% said yes with 55% of those answering being white and 49% of ethnic minorities
  • 13% said no, it is more racist, 12% of those were white people and 15% were of ethnic minorities
  • 20% believe the amount of racism is the same as 20 years ago. 40% of people answering this were white and 40% were of ethnic minorities.
  • 15% answered that they did not know

2) Would you say that the football authorities have dealt well or badly with racism in football?

  • 46% Said they have dealt with it badly, 42% of those giving this answer were white, while 57% were ethnic minorities.
  • 27% Answered that they have dealt well with racism in football. 30% of those were white and 57% were ethnic minorities.
  • 26% answered that they did not know.

3) In 1999 the Macpherson report found that the Metropolitan police were institutionally racist, that is they failed to give an appropriate service to some groups in society because of their colour, culture or ethnicity. Is the Metropolitan Police today institutionally racist?

  • 37% Said yes. 28% of those saying yes were white, while 59% were ethnic minorities.
  • 34% Said no, it is not. Of those 42% were white and 16% were ethnic minorities.
  • 29% Answered that they did not know.
47% of people questioned said there are not enough officers from ethnic minorities

4) Do you think the Metropolitan have or have not successfully dealt with racism among their officers?

  • 29% Answered that the Met Police have. Of those 24% were white and 16% were ethnic minorities.
  • 35% Said have not. Of those 27% were white and 55% were ethnic minorities.
  • 36% of people answered 'don't know'.

5) Are there enough police officers from ethnic minorities in the Metropolitan Police?

  • 25% Said yes. Of those 29% were white and 18% were ethnic minorities.
  • 47% Said no. Of those 43% were white and 58% ethnic minorities.
  • 27% Said 'don't know'.

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