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Manali's weather blog: Saturday

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A typical April day of sunshine and showers.

When I stepped out of the house this morning, I remembered the forecast and ran back indoors to grab an umbrella. The last thing I wanted was to be caught in a shower. Today is set to be a typical April day, of sunshine and showers. Some of the showers will be pretty potent, heavy and thundery.

The showers will ease later and we are expecting a dry end to the day.

Under clearing skies, we could see a slight frost tonight.

My friend Rebecca and I have been discussing tomorrow's weather all week… Rebecca and her son Cape are being christened tomorrow morning. Earlier in the week there was some uncertainty as to the timing of when tomorrow's rain will arrive across London. Thankfully the sun will be shining for them and a large part of the day should stay dry.

The day will start and end differently however. Bright to start but clouding over, with outbreaks of rain later.

The outlook across the capital as we start the new working week, is looking pretty good. Sadly we won't see the temperatures we had last week (23C last Thursday!), in fact it will feel rather cool at times.

Monday is going to be breezy, mostly dry with sunny spells. The odd shower cant be ruled out however.

Tuesday and Wednesday look dry with good sunny spells but with some overnight ground frost.

Have a good weekend.