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Manali's weather blog for Saturday 4 May

ITV's Manali Lukha Photo:

If like me you were up early this morning (my son woke at 6am) the skies were clear and bright across London.

However it wasn't long before the cloud rolled in and by the time I stepped out of the house to head to the station, it was raining. Nothing too heavy and not worthy of an umbrella.

For the rest of this morning we will continue to see some outbreaks of showery rain.

The rain for most will be generally light and patchy, however the radar is showing some brighter echoes suggesting the odd heavier burst.

Rainfall radar for 1pm Credit: Met Office

Thankfully the rain isn't going to be with us all day. The skies will brighten up later this afternoon giving us a fine end to the day.

Today isn't going to be quite as warm as yesterday. Yesterday in London temperatures rose to 21 Celsius.

Today's temperatures likely to be 17-18C.

The outlook for the remaining bank holiday weekend is looking good.

High pressure reestablishes itself.

Sunday and Monday will be dry and warm, with spells of sunshine.