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Clare's weather blog for Saturday 11 May

The wind is back - and it's bringing rain with it…****

Low pressure will never be too far away during this comingweek.

Although it won't be wet everyday, I am not expecting any long sunnyspring days.

The rest of today looks showery, with a blustery breeze.

Temperatures will be disappointing at 16C. Overnight showers will tend to dieaway leaving a dry night, and probably starry skies at times.

Lows will holdaround 6C, this mostly due to a brisk westerly wind that will keep the air fromcooling down.

Tomorrow dawns bright - grab the sunshine whilst you can,because the cloud will be lurking in the west and arrive by lunch time.

Throughthe afternoon rain will spread in, as the westerly wind picks up some strength.So a damp end to the day. Temperatures again will struggle at 15C.

The beginning of the week should start dry, albeit rathercloudy. The strong blustery breeze could bring some dampness to the air throughthe day.

Tuesday is likely to turn wet as a weather front skirts the southeastfrom the Channel.

Low pressure then becomes centred over Wales so we will be in the firing linefor showers come Wednesday.

Heavier rain is expected on Thursday, althoughcurrently Friday is looking a little better.

It won' be a particularly warm week, as temperaturesstruggle to reach 14 or 15C by day - although at least the nights will berelatively mild.

Have a lovely week and don't forget your umbrella!