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Weekend forecast

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If like me you picked up a copy of the Metro thismorning, Mr Beckham covered the first five pages. It was interesting to readthrough his career history and to be reminded of his successes not just infootball but in the commercial and celebrity world.

From Beckham to this weekend's weather, varied describesthem both...

Saturday is shaping up to be the better day of theweekend, mostly dry with a few bright or sunny spells.

It turns downhill from Sunday with showers or longerspells or rain.

Temperatures at the moment are on the cool side. Today weare still in a north to north-easterly air flow and as a result temperaturesare a few degrees below average for this time of year.

A slight change in wind direction tomorrow, leads to aslight increase in temperatures.

The weather stays cool and unsettled to start next week,but high pressure will gradually build through the middle half of the week,hopefully bringing with it some improvement to our weather...

Enjoy your weekend.