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Saturday forecast

Saturday forecast Photo: ITN

So it looks like the south is enjoying the best of today's weather, mostly dry with some bright spells.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern England on the other hand seeing some fairly heavy and persistent rain.

The air is slightly warmer for us today, and in the sunny spells it should feel quite pleasant.

A weather system moving up from the near continent and across Northern France is giving some uncertainty over tomorrow's weather. At the moment is looks like the front will hover and stall across the English Channel.

The front is expected to produce some rain for southern counties along the coast, but further inland it should be mostly dry with sunny spells and light winds.

Temperatures tomorrow could rise to 20C (68F) so feeling pleasantly warm.

Make the most of the warm sunshine though, as the next frontal system moves in on Monday, producing some steady rain for a time.

As the front pulls away, Tuesday and Wednesday should be largely dry, often rather cloudy and quite breezy too.

We are hoping that the breeze will break up the cloudfrom time to time to give some bright spells.

Enjoy your weekend