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Get your pictures on TV

Flowers in Victoria Embankment Gardens Photo:

Want to see a picture youve taken on the telly? This is your chance.

As we approach summer Im keen to use as many of your snaps in my weather forecasts as possible. So, if you see some stunning scenery, wild weather, or wonderful wildlife in our part of the world - please send it in to

Include your name and where its taken so I can give you a credit on screen.

Here are a few (very poor) pictures I've taken over the last few weeks to give you a rough idea of what I'm after.

Tourists in the rain near Buckingham Palace
London Eye on a lovely spring day

To give your photo the best chance of making it to air there are a few things to bear in mind; Try to focus on scenery, views or nature rather than people. Make sure the picture is reasonable high resolution and sent as a large image (2MB or more). A picture from a quality smartphone camera is usually good enough as long as its sent full resolution.

I look forward to seeing your pictures.