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Tube sponsorship: What's in a name?

Who would sponsor Victoria tube station? Photo: Katie Collins/PA

The Conservative Group on the London Assembly wants the London Mayor Boris Johnson to start accepting sponsorship as a way of keeping down Tube fares.

The idea could see tube stations being rebranded... so instead of changing at Victoria station, you might find yourself changing (trains, of course) at Victoria's Secret.

Here's a few of our other ideas:

  • Greggs the Baker Street
  • St Paul Smith
  • Office Angel

Some stations won't need too much work to re-brand. Vauxhall and All Saints spring to mind.

And how about topping-up your Oystercard at Barclays Bank? Or the Co-op Bank? Or NatWest Bank? I could go on....

The Tube could of course go all New York and make a few quid by changing its name to the Subway.

However, Transport for London say they don't think the idea is practical, arguing that making changes to stations and the Tube map would cost more than they would raise.

They are also concerned that “the Tube map is an iconic brand and to clutter it up with other people’s brands excessively would be inappropriate.”

So it seems you won't be getting your regional news from ITV London Bridge anytime soon. More's the pity.

If you've got any ideas for sponsored tube names, you can post them on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

  • Here are some of your suggestions so far:
  • Oxford Dictionary Circus
  • Swiss Cottage Cheese
  • Chalk Board Farm
  • Russell Grant Square
  • Ken and Barbican
  • Victoria Sponge Cake
  • Marble McDonald's arches