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Damp grey and breezy tomorrow

Low pressure is taking over and weak weather fronts are on the way Photo:

After high pressure dominated last week giving us some settled sunshine (and the hottest day of 2013 so far on Thursday), low pressure is now taking over.

Today and tomorrow several weak weather fronts are workingtheir way across the London region. As a result we’re getting pulses of drizzleand patchy rain. We will also notice a slight rise in temperature as the winddirection changes.

The colder, fresher feel at the weekend was a result of anorth-easterly airflow. We’re now seeing milder Atlantic air moving in from thesouth-west. That means the temperatures are not too far below the average forthis time of year but with lots of cloud will be feeling more muggy thanpleasantly warm.

Tomorrow is a cloudy, grey and damp picture. Things start alittle drizzly and then we’ll see more persistent patches of rain in theafternoon (particularly in the south). The breeze will pick up noticeably inthe afternoon with gusts in excess of 30mph.

Things start to settle down as the week progresses. It’ssunshine and showers on Thursday then turning drier and slightly less breezyFriday and Saturday.

The forecast for the next 10 days is staying reasonablyunsettled. Things should improve in the 10-15 day window (21st to 26thJune) with high pressure and a more settled warm south-westerly airflow.

Be warned though those long term forecasts are always liableto change!

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