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It’s almost a month since the brutal murderof Drummer Lee Rigby and today the Woolwich community have come together to remember him. Wreathes will be presented at the site of his death and at the Royal Artillery barracks nearby. There will be a service at the local church and a concert where songs will be sung in his honour. But perhaps most significant is that all this is intended as a show of unity. Representatives of all major faith groups will be present, they say to speak ‘with one voice’ against hate crimes perpetrated in the name of religion. Our reporter Piers Hopkirk is there for us.

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In Barnet another community is pulling together. This time to help a Muslim group whose building was burnt down in what police are investigating as a suspicious fire. From tomorrow, members of the Somali Baravanese Community Centre will use East Finchley Library as a temporary base. We speak to the local councillor helping to make this possible.

Next, the old saying “time flies” probably doesn’t apply to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who’s been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge for a year now. Today,on the eve of that first anniversary, Ecuador's foreign minister will travel to London to meet Mr Assange. Tomorrow he’ll hold talks with William Hague about exactly what to do about it all. Mr Assange claimed asylum at the embassy after he failed to halt proceedings for his extradition to Sweden where he’s wanted on charges of sexual assault. He has asylum in Ecuador, but must travel there first. If he leaves the embassy, he will be arrested. Tricky one.

And it's the 38th annual London to Brighton Bike Ride today. More than 28,000 riders left Clapham Common early this morning and peddled the 54 miles to the coast in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Held on Father’s Day, all funds raised will go to the BHF's vital work to help fight coronary heart disease, which is the UKs single biggest killer.

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