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Barbecue weekend expected over the weekend

Warm or very warm this weekend? Photo: ITV London

Will it be warm or very warm this weekend?

I am sat in the weather office debating if we can describe the temperatures this weekend to be 'warm' or 'very warm'.

Meteorologically there is difference. Ultimately it comes down to how many degrees we get above the average for the time of year.

So based on that rule, I think 'very warm' is the winner.

The average temperature for London in early July is 22C.

This weekend we are expecting to see temperatures to soar, 26-28C through Saturday and Sunday.

'Very warm' can be used if it is greater than 5 degrees above the average.

'Warm' or 'very warm', it's going to be a glorious weekend, perfect for a BBQ or picnic.

UV levels will be high so take care in the sun.

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