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Scorching weekend for Wimbledon finals

Tennis fans enjoy the sun on Murray Mount. Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Archive

It's going to be a scorching weekend....

Andy Murray's Wimbledon comeback yesterday had everyone glued to the TV, and what a comeback it was.

With temperatures set to hit 28C by Sunday, the finals at Wimbledon this weekend will be hot for both players and spectators.

The high temperatures continue into next week, in fact next week it could get even warmer!

UV levels will also be high this weekend across the capital, so take care if you are out in the sun, and unfortunately this fine weather isn't so good for hay fever sufferers as pollen levels will be very high.

Early indications suggest that this dry and settled weather could continue for some time across parts of the UK, especially the south, with high pressure influencing our weather patterns.

High seems to be the theme here.... high pressure, high temperatures, high UV and high pollen.

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