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Martin Stew's blog: The Heatwave is here!

Fire up the BBQ and dig out the sun cream because tomorrow is set to be the warmest day of the year so far and Sunday looks even hotter.

Tomorrow should peak at 28C (82F) and Sunday may get as hot as 30C (86F). The hottest day so far in 2013 was 27.2C at Heathrow on the 30th June and the average daytime high for July is 22C.

We’ve got an area of high pressure sitting directly over the UK meaning the hot,sunny and settled weather should stick around next week too. It also means we don’t have much of a breeze at the moment to cool things down. So prepare yourselves for a week of hot, dry and sunny weather (and it’s not often I can write that)!

Before we all celebrate it’s worth remembering not everybody loves the warm weather and the heat does pose a few problems.

UV Risk

There is the heightened UV risk, especially for those with fair skin. UV levels will move from medium to high at times over the weekend. When levels are high the Met Office advises to; “cover up and spend time in the shade between 11 and 3. Use at least factor 15 sunscreen on exposed skin.”

Cancer Research UK warns that many people onlyuse sun protection when they’re away on holiday.;

“Most people think about sunburn as something that happens on holiday or in hot, sunny places. But more than half of people suffering sunburn are burn there in the UK.”


It’s bad news for hay fever sufferers, the combination of plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures mean that pollen levels will be very high at the weekend and most of next week.

Night time temperatures

We are facing quite a few warm and muggy nights which can make sleeping tricking. Humid nights are often worst when there is little or no breeze (as we have at the moment). As the area of high pressure starts to move we will start to see a refreshing north easterly breeze but night time temperatures will still be warm.

Having said that we spend most of the year complaining about the cold so lets all enjoy the hot weather this weekend!

I’ll see you later,


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