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Manali has the latest on the capital's mini-heatwave Photo: ITN

It was a scorchio weekend and yesterday we saw thewarmest day of the year so far, 29.7C recorded in Bournemouth, closer to home,29.5C at Heathrow.

High pressure continues to dominate this week, with muchof Europe basking in temperatures well above average for July.

The sun will continue to shine today and tomorrow,beautiful clear sunny skies, and it stays warm.

The big question is it going to last?

We are expecting a slight change to conditions throughthe middle half of this week.

A weak weather front will cross us Tuesday night intoWednesday.

It's a very weak affair and we are still expecting it tostay dry. The front however will introduce a little more cloud and slightlycooler temperatures.

The change might be a welcome relief if you don'tparticularly like the hot conditions.

Pollen levels will also reduce a little.

As the front clears, temperatures will rise once again.

The weekend is looking hot and sunny once more, and thereis every chance that temperatures could be even warmer this weekend, low 30'sis a possibility.

Keep the BBQ coals burning!