1. ITV Report

Expect a warm commute into work tomorrow…. and you might want to keep a brolly to hand….

We saw a change in our weather this weekend.

Low cloud and mist was pushed inland by easterly winds.

So like yesterday, this morning started under cloudy skiesacross London.

The cloud will continue to thin and clear as we head throughthe day, with the sun breaking through.

As skies clear, temperatures will rise.

Today will be hotter compared to yesterday with temperaturessoaring to 30 degrees Celsius. It will feel rather humid.

Sadly tonight is going to be a sultry night and probablyquite uncomfortable for sleeping.

Expect a warm commute into work tomorrow morning.

By 9am temperatures will be already be low to mid 20's.

The heat will continue to rise through the day.

By the afternoon, temperatures are expected to rise to 33-34Celsius and possible even warmer!

We are likely to see the hottest day of the year, and thereis a good chance that tomorrow could be the hottest day for 7 years (36.5Crecorded in 2006).

Unfortunately with high heat and humidity levels, there is arisk of seeing a few isolated thunderstorms tomorrow.

This risk becomes even greater as we head into Tuesday andWednesday.

During this period, we could see some heavy thunderydownpours.

As a result, with the ground being so dry at the moment,localised flooding cant be ruled out.

Some risk to travel is also a possibility, and of coursewith the start of the school holidays for many, this could affect some outdoorplans.