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Lucrezia's news blog - Sunday 28th July

Lucrezia Millarini Photo: ITV News

It was the worst ever tube disaster - on February 28th, 1978, forty-three people were killed and seventy-three were injured in a crash at Moorgate station. Today, a memorial was unveiled marking the tragic event and attended by some of the relatives of those who died. Our reporter Nick Thatcher was at the ceremony and met Laurence Marks. Back then he was a journalist who had gone down to the crash site to report on the story. He didn't know that his own father, Bernard, was one of the victims.

Next, a Wimbledon mother calls for action after a report finds that the substance that killed her daughter is now the UK's most dangerous 'legal high' and yet is available inmost newsagents. Sharon Stevens wants tighter controls on the sale of lighter fluid which contains butane. Her daughter, Candy-Marie Ward, was 29-years-old when she suffered a cardiac arrest and died last December after inhaling the volatile substance. Ria Chatterjee has the story.

In sport, four-times Paralympic gold champion David Weir is back in action at the Olympic stadium today. The event brings to an end three days of celebration marking the anniversary of London 2012.

Also, Lewis Hamilton was in pole position at the Hungarian Grand Prix…

And run, walk, but mainly wobble…hundreds of fundraisers dressed in giant inflatable sumo suits converged in Battersea Park today for the Sumo Run. Pictures you won't want to miss.

All that, and more, at 6:30.