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Lotto winners' life-changing phonecalls

Many of us can't even imagine suddenly becoming a millionaire - but how would you react if you found out you'd just won a life-changing amount of money? Recordings of the phone calls made by those winning the National Lottery have been released, revealing exactly what people say when they realise they've won.

Tracy Tyler, 37 and partner Adam Young, 30 from Epping who have won £5.819.806 with a lucky dip ticket on the National Lottery Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Tracy Tyler from Epping Forest in Essex won the jackpot sum of £5, 819, 806 last month. In the phone call she can be heard saying she's "having a brain spasm" and "shaking like a leaf." She was then rendered speechless when she was told she'd scooped the jackpot. Tracey and her partner Adam Young now have plans to splash out on a new home and a top of the range Range Rover.

On another audio recording, two Kent friends are revealed as winners. Carly Wiggett and Becky Witt, both from Dartford, won £336, 277.60 in March. During the phone call, Carly says the friends played after their star signs said to team up and do the lottery. She says they "fired random numbers" in - and won.