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Clipper Race fact-file

The race route Photo: Clipper
  • In the Clipper 13-14 Race there are 678 crew, 448 of which are male crew members and 230 female crew members. The average age on board is 46.
  • The youngest crew member will be Samuel Gundry who will be 18 and 12 days old when the race starts on September 1. He will compete in Legs 7 and 8. Th oldest crew member to do the Clipper 13-14 Race is Samuel Hagler, 73, competing in Leg 4.
  • More than 230 different professions are represented from nurses to GP's, pilots to farmers, film directors to surfing instructors and head teachers to students.
  • More then 40 nationalities are represented by the crews of Clipper 13-14. They come from countries as widespread as Russia, Serbia, Norway, Peru, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, Hungary, China and Singapore.
  • The combined sail area for a Clipper 70 yacht is 1530 square metres. To lay all of the sails on board out flat you would need an area the size of three premiership football pitches. The total linear use of fabric on board a Clipper 70 is 2000 metres.
  • Fewer people have sailed around the world than have climbed Everest.
  • The Clipper Race has covered over 2.6 million miles since the first edition back in 1996. That's the equivalent to traveling to the moon and back eleven times.
  • The teams will drink 293, 000 cups of tea while they are at sea.
  • The fastest boat speed recorded on the Clipper Race to date was 29.3 nautical miles across the Pacific. This is equivalent to 34 miles per hour.
  • On each yacht, round the world crew members on board spend on average at least three weeks of their life behind the wheel during the race.
  • Whilst racing, each crew member burns on average 4, 800 calories per day
  • Tie every warp, line, sheet and halyard together from the Clipper Race fleet and the ropes will stretch a massive 15km - twice the height of Mount Everest.

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