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The unsolved mystery of the postbox on a bridge

Residents in a village in Berkshire have been left puzzled by the mysterious appearance of a red postbox in the middle of a bridge crossing the River Thames.

The mystery postbox in Sonning-On-Thames Credit: Pauline Jorgensen

The box is fixed to the buttress of the bridge, making it only accessible to those on river boats. People in Sonning-on-Thames have come up with a number of theories for the box's sudden appearance.

The box was fixed to the bridge just metres above the waterline Credit: Pauline Jorgensen

Suspicions are it may be the work of a local artist or a PR stunt for a nearby theatre company. The Royal Mail says the box is still a mystery to them.

The Royal Mail said: "It is certainly not an operational posting facility" Credit: Pauline Jorgensen

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