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Tropical Storm Humberto spins good weather toward London

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Tropical Storm Humberto is gradually spinning itself northwards - and spinning good weather towards London.

In weather terms Humbeto is a deep low pressure system (or anti-cyclone). In the Northern Hemisphere air circulates around low pressure in an anti-clockwise direction.

Humberto is spinning warmer air from the south-west towards the London region Credit: ITV Weather

From Friday warmer air being squeezed up from the South West will see temperatures rising. As Humberto gradually breaks down London's weather will be dominated by a block of high pressure.

This weather pattern is known as an Azores High and is what led to the hot and settled weather in July. We can expect dry and fine weather with plenty of sunshine and highs over the weekend on 21C.

If that wasn't good enough news it looks like the start of next week will be nice too.