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Delayed Autumn, but the colours will be worth the wait

With temperatures barely in double figures and a biting northerly wind, today has certainly felt more like the middle of October. But it doesn't really look like Autumn.

Tourists in Hyde Park in the late Summer sun Credit: Press Association

The trees still seem to be remarkably green - especially when compared to the same day 6 years ago.

This is what east London, looked like, Autumnal colours glowing in the sunshine Credit: Press Association

To find out if we are actually behind, I met David Bentley from the Hampstead Heath conservation team.

Perhaps a little bit late certainly this good weather we've had in September has really extended the season so that's enabled the trees to keep on growing so the leaves are greener than perhaps they might be the weather is changing very fast as we speak and so I suspect things will change quite rapidly over the next few days.

This year's Autumn colours will be delayed Credit: Press Association

So, why do trees drop their leaves in Autumn?

Well basically it's about shedding their waste materials so all of the rubbish which has built up over the growing season is pushed into the leaves and that's what creates all the reds oranges and browns. They're shed and then the tree contains the goodness and it can then start to grow quickly at the start of next season.

Until today, so far this Autumn we've had very light winds as it started to gust the leaves started to fall.

In a way we want the leaves not to blow too early because we can a few frosts, nice still weather and then the oranges and the bright reds and in some cases purples will really shine on Hampstead Heath.

So Autumn may be a little delayed but the colours will be worth the wait.