Imperial War Museum unveils war photography exhibitions

The Imperial War Museum has opened two new contemporary war photography exhibitions which focus on the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2013 is the tenth anniversary of the start of the Second Iraq War and IWM Contemporary presents an exhibition of photography examining the impact of war on the Iraqi people as well as the troops who served there.

The exhibition features work from two pioneering photographers, Mike Moore and Lee Craker, and runs until January 5, 2014.

Donovan Wylie explores the effects of modern-day military surveillance in his 'Vision as Power' exhibition. He presents a new perspective on how we view conflict and architecture. This exhibition runs until April 21, 2014.

Shahid Mosque photographed against a backdrop of oil fires. The fires were lit by Iraqis in an attempt to confuse Coalition bombers.
Baghdad, Iraq, March 2003 Credit: Mike Moore, Daily Mirror
LAB 1 Royal Canadian Air Force Short Range Radar installation, North Warning System, Cape Kakiviak, Torngat Mountains, Labrador
Canadian Arctic, 2013 Credit: Donovan Wylie
Canadian Army Observation Post 2, Ma'sum Ghar Forward Operating Base, Kandahar.
Afghanistan, 2010 Credit: Donovan Wylie
 An Iraqi fighter strikes a defiant pose on top of a captured US tank.
Iraq, March 2003 Credit: Mike Moore, Daily Mirror
An Iraqi woman is distraught after a missile strike on a street market killed her husband in the Al Shabab district.
Baghdad, Iraq, March 2003 Credit: Mike Moore, Daily Mirror
Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq, February 2010 Credit: Lee Craker
Marwa Najem, 11, examines her missing hair whilst undergoing treatment for leukemia in Baghdad's Children's Hospital.
Baghdad, April 1998 Credit: Mike Moore, Daily Mirror
South east view of Golf 40, a British Army surveillance post in South Armagh.
Northern Ireland, 2006 Credit: Donovan Wylie