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Manali's look at the coming week's weather

Rain will sweep into the capital tonight, accompanied by a strong wind.

With the ground already saturated and with a number of drains now filling up with fallen leaves, any additional rain could give rise to some localised flooding.

The good news is that this rain band will start to clear the south east by dawn.

Monday is going to be a beautiful day (sunglasses needed) with lots of sunshine to enjoy. The wind will ease through the day too.

Sadly after a dry start, more rain is expected on Tuesday.

The rain heavy and blustery for a time. At the moment it looks like the rain is expected to clear by Tuesday evening, so if you are heading out for any bonfire night celebrations, hopefully it should be dry.

Wednesday looks like a fairly cloud day with further outbreaks of rain.

Thursday with the exception of the odd shower, for most of us it will be dry and bright.

Friday at present looks breezy with the risk of showers.