1. ITV Report

Google showcases its latest voice search technology

Everyday it seems big brands like Apple and Microsoft are inventing new technologies to change the way we work, socialise and live.Today, Google transformed a town house in Euston into a 'house for the future' to show off their new voice search technology. The big idea in technology is to move away from the mouse and keyboard and towards a more intuitive interaction.

New technology will now allow users to verbally ask questions like; "Do I need an umbrella today?" in everyday English. The search engine will instantly tap into your location and the weather forecast and give you a straight yes or no answer with a synopsis of the local London weather.

The idea is for Google to become a virtual PA, able to remind you about meetings and even give you advanced warning if the traffic is likely to be bad.

It's hard to predict what will happen in two years, let alone 10 years as you can see how far we've come with smart phones in the short history they've been around. We're now starting to interact more with our voice, they're becoming more of our personal assistant.

So, if we can take some of that magic from a smart phone and surround it in other scenarios, like the car and the house that would be brilliant for our users. Anything that can help everyday life, that's what we're looking for.

– Gareth Fuller/PA Wire