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London's 'real-life Instagram' landmarks

A Brazilian artist has been turning London landmarks, including St Paul's and Borough Market, into real-life Instagram photographs.

Bruno Ribeiro has been putting cardboard-framed filters in front of tourist spots so people can take Instagram-style snaps with their regular cameras.

Bruno started the project to highlight how interconnected our real-life and online lives are.

A tourist takes a snap through the filter outside St Paul's. Credit: @nitchows
A filter has been put up at St Pancras station. Credit: @nitchows
Does a filter always make everything look better? Bruno lets the snapper decide. Credit: @nitchows
Another filter pops up at Piccadilly Gardens. Credit: @nitchows
A filter in east London. Credit: @nitchows
Borough market has never looked so green! Credit: @nitchows
Is the sun setting on Charterhouse Square? Credit: @nitchows
A pink filter pops up in Shoreditch, east London. Credit: @nitchows