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How the rise in London travel fares affects you

Many London transport fares will be frozen for 2014 Photo: Reuters

London Mayor Boris Johnson today confirmed that TfL fares will be frozen in real terms for 2014, with fares rising on average by inflation only from 2nd January.

The rise, which is around 1% less than expected, is aimed at helping commuters with the rising cost of living.

However, weekly, monthly and annual Travelcards will rise by 4.1 per cent on average, to meet the National Rail fares rise, which amounts to inflation plus 1% extra.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “I have always said I was determined to bear down on fares,while ensuring that we can still invest properly in a transport system that is critical to our city’s success.

This package, which has been made possible by the continuing delivery of efficiencies across TfL, ensures that fares remain affordable and that we have the level of funding we need to continue to improve the network and deliver even better, more frequent services for everyone.

I know that families and working Londoners who have helped the drive the economic recovery still face real pressure over the cost of living and so I’ve decided to keep fares in line with RPI and therefore freeze them in real terms for next year.”

The off-peak One Day Travelcard range, mostly used by visitors and only available on paper tickets, will be simplified in 2014 - only the Zones 1-6 off-peak ticket will be available and the cost of it will be frozen. The Anytime One DayTravel cards will increase by 40p for Zones 1-2 and 1-4 and 60p for zones 1-6.

The Oyster PAYG one day caps, which offer better flexibility than an upfront purchase of a Travelcard, will be frozen for the second year running.

Most Oyster pay as you go fares for the Tube, DLR and London Overground will remain frozen at 2013 prices next year.

Only three fares, the Zone 1 peak and off-peak single tickets and the Zone 1-2 off-peak single ticket, will increase by 10p. Cash single fares, which are only used by around one per cent of Tube users,will increase by 20p.

Prices for a single bus journey will be frozen

There will be no increase to the TfL Oyster pay as you go daily caps for a second year running, which is expected to benefit around 200,000 people a week.

And on London’s buses, both the daily price cap and the cash fare for a single bus journey will be frozen. The pay as you go fare for Oyster and contactless payment card users will rise 5p to £1.45. TfL has recently consulted on proposals to remove the option to pay by cash on all TfL bus services in mid-2014. The consultation has now closed and a decision will be made by the Mayor later this year.

All free and concessionary travelfor young, elderly and disabled Londoners, as well as Veterans andmembers of the Armed Forces, has been protected in full.

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