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Osborne trumps Boris travel plans

London Mayor Boris Johnson was left red-facedtoday after the Chancellor announced the annual rise in commuter rail fareswould be capped in line with inflation.

The Chancellor outlines the 2013 Autumn Statement Credit: PA Wire

George Osborne used his Autumn statement to reveal the January increase in the cost of train season tickets would be 3.1% instead of the planned 4.1%. But in London travelcard holders face an inflation-busting increase after the mayor announced his New Year prices two days ago. Now he's asking the Chancellor for an extra £100m to bring London commuters in line with the rest of the country. Boris Johnson said:

"I congratulate George on holding down next year’s rail fare rises for all passengers, whether commuting in Leeds or London. As in previous years we look forward to receiving the additional funding from Government that will enable us to now hold Travelcard fare rises to RPI, in line with the rest of the country.”

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

But the chairman of the London Assembly, Darren Johnson, said:

“The Mayor has failed to get a decent deal for Londoners on fares and travelcards. He is now resorting to public negotiations via the media in a desperate attempt to try and shift blame and demonstrate that the above inflation rise in travelcard fares is not really his fault.”

– Darren Johnson, Green: London Assembly

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