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Baby born in a Onesie in a London hospital car park

The Onesie may be the outfit of choice for hibernating during January, but one new-mum from Streatham has accidentally found another use for the winter warmer.

Jessica Wynter's baby who was born in a Onesie Credit: ITV News

Jessica Wynter's baby arrived unexpectedly in a hospital car park, but luckily she was wearing a Onesie which caught the newborn and stopped his fall.

When she went into labour two days after Christmas she knew she had to get to the hospital quickly. But she didn't realise just how imminent the birth of her first baby actually was.

The 21-year-old’s 6lb 5oz son was examined by medical staff at King’s College Hospital Credit: ITV News

The contractions were close enough for the family to head to the hospital. So, they set off with dad driving and mum in the front seat.

The spotted Onesie Credit: ITV News

When the newborn was taken out of the Onesie tests showed he was healthy. The garment had acted as a safety net. And, because Jessica didn't make it to the labour ward, his birth certificate will make interesting reading.