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Londoner behind bars in the United States tries to prove his innocence

26 years behind the bars of some of America's toughest prisons. Krishna Maharaj spent 15 of those on death row. But behind the fortress of the four walls there is a fascinating story.

Krishna Maharaj Credit: Reprieve UK

He arrived in London in 1960 from Trinidad without a penny to his name but became a millionaire after building a thriving food import business.

Hewas convicted in 1987 of the murders of two men, Derrickand Duane Moo Young, at a hotel in central Miami.

Hewas given the death sentence andhad to be carried out of court, havingcollapsed upon receiving the death sentence.

This a crime he’s always denied.

. Credit: Reprieve UK

The motive, at the time, apparently clear. Maharaj discovered Derrick Moo Young had embezzled £300,000 from property firm they set up together.

But today, new evidence is being considered by a Judge in Florida - which could exonerate Krishna Maharaj.

And could see the US Government forced to hand over documents which couldhelp prove his innocence.

Drug baron, Pablo Escobar Credit: Sipa Press/REX

A former Columbian cartel member has sworn under oath that the infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar was the man behind the murders.

. Credit: RTV

Now 74-years-old, Krishna Maharaj has spent more time in prison than he did living in Peckham. From penniless traveller to powerful businessman, to death row inmate.

There could yet be room in this story For one last twist to the tale.