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First swimmers to dive into the Aquatics Centre in March

The Aquatics Centre was meant to be the iconic venue in London's Olympic Park. With a price tag of more than £0.5bn, it should be!

Aerial view of the Aquatics Centre Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

When the first swimmers and divers walk through the doors on March 1st, they'll enter the most expensive swimming complex ever built in Britain.

View of the Aquatics Centre from the canal Credit: ITV News

The Aquatics Centre includes two 50m swimming pools and a 25m dive pool. Five weeks after the Aquatics Centre opens, the fences will come down on the another large section of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

A view of South Park Credit: ITV News

For the first time since the games, visitors will be able to walk and picnic on an area of trees and plants alongside the River Lee.

View from The Orbit overlooking the Olympic Park Credit: ITV News

The new operators of the Aquatics Centre boast they open for business a month ahead of schedule. In truth, the Aquatics Centre was originally scheduled for completion a full year before the Olympic Games.

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