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Teenager who stabbed schoolboy in the heart for mocking his brother faces life sentence

A teenager who stabbed a 14-year-old schoolboy in the heart for mocking his brother's woolly hat and designer watch is facing a life sentence.

Roree Cox Credit: Metropolitan Police

18-year-old Roree Cox stabbed knifed Kevin Ssali once in the chest on the top deck of a 202 bus in Lee Green in south London. The victim chased his attacker down the stairs before collapsing at a bus stop in September 2012.

Cox, who has been diagnosed with Aspergers, was convicted of murder today after a seven week trial at the Old Bailey.

Kevin Ssali Credit: Metropolitan Police

The family of Kevin Ssali sobbed in court as the verdict was read out.

There was a history of violence between the pair simply because they lived in different parts of south London.

When Kevin got on the 202 bus he went upstairs and sat next to Cox's brother. There was an exchange of words between them. Kevin mocked his hat and large designer watch, and one of the brother's friends phoned Cox.

CCTV shows Cox, dressed largely in black with a dark baseball cap, boarding the bus. Cox can be seen taking a knife from his shoe.

Roree Cox will be sentenced on February 28.

The judge excused jurors from sitting on another case for ten years, because it was a 'particularly upsetting case.'