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Beating depression caused by dark, winter nights

During the winter months a third of us in this country leave the house in the dark and come home in the dark.

And with half of us not even leaving the office to eat lunch, we can go days without seeing the sunshine.

That can have a profound impact on our health.

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Lily Bernheimer is an Environmental Psychologist. She believes exposure to certain light can prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder - a condition which last year contributed to 9.6 million lost working days.

Changes in how much sun you're receiving affect your circadian rhythm and so people tend to get a bit lethargic depressed and craving carbohydrates. weight gain can be associated with it as well.

Just like you'd imagine an animal who's going to hibernate and sleep all winter would be.

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  • It's estimated 7% of us have Seasonal Affective Disorder, a more extreme version of the winter blues
  • Symptoms tend to become more acute throughout the season
  • Starting in October with a difficulty waking up, lack of energy and increased appetite and peaking in January with a decline in libido, withdrawal from friends and family and depression
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Alessa NcNally is a sufferer - she's been trialling the new light for The Office Group.

Now that we've had them in for the full month I have to say tha it has had a positive effect for sure we've got them in our office and even for the clients we have on the first floor were its just a big co-working space they're noticed it as well and we've had some really positive feedback on it.

So early feedback is positive. but with each lightbox costing £20 a month to hire office managers may want to see more evidence they work before making the switch.