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Thief gets nasty surprise by targeting one of Britain's most senior policemen

A prolific thief targeting drinkers in London's West End got a nasty surprise when he tried to snatch the bag of one of Britain's top policemen.

Sir Hugh Orde Credit: Press Association

A court heard how Andrew Jones targeted Sir Hugh Orde, the former Chief Constable of Northern Ireland. He was then chased around Soho by "a posse of some of the most well-known and distinguished police officers".

Sir Hugh Orde Credit: Press Association

Sir Hugh, who is President of the Association of Chief Police Officers was on a night out in December with fellow senior police and officials, when he spotted the someone fiddling with his rucksack.

The officer immediately introduced himself, before arresting Andrew Jones. However, he broke free and made off down Newman Street in Soho.

Southwark Crown Court heard how it was left to Assistant Chief Constable Stuart Williams to sprint after him, rearresting him some 100 yards down the road.

Unfortunately for Mr Jones, it took place in the midst of 15 or so of Britain's most senior police officers and staff, who were in the public house following a meeting.

What follows is a chase - one of London's most prolific thieves was being chased down the street by a posse of some of the most well-known and distinguished police officers.

– Peter Zinner, Prosecutor

The Judge commented that Andrew Jones had 'a massive record', 101 convictions, but acknowledged his your very early guilty plea and was jailed for eight months.