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Turbines at sea, powering 500,000 homes, seen from space

Twelve miles off Kent and Essex coast, is the world's largest offshore wind far.

Found in the Thames Estuary, where the River Thames meets the North Sea, it is known as the 'London Array' and can generate enough power to supply as many as 500,000 homes.

The site became fully operational on April 8, 2013.

. Credit: NASA/Earth Observatory

From high above the Earth a NASA satellite captured these images. The first image (above) shows the area marked by the white box.

The second image shows small white points, which are the wind turbines. The white dashes show the wakes from boats. The sea is discoloured by a sediment washed out by the Thames.

. Credit: NASA/Earth Observatory
  • The London Array includes 175 wind turbines
  • They are aligned to capture the prevailing southwest wind
  • The site spreads out across 40 square miles
  • Each turbine stands 650 to 1,200 meters apart
  • They are 2,100 to 3,900 feet apart and is 482 feet tall
  • Each is connected by cables buried in the seafloor