1. ITV Report

Chilly with a blustery wind, more heavy showers tonight


The low pressure system which bought the rain yesterday is slowly sinking south towards London over the next two days.

It will act a bit like a washing machine swirling showers around the region. There's then a noticeable change on Wednesday as we get a cold easterly wind.

The risk of snow flurries on Thursday but unlikely to settle in London.


Heavy downpours on and off throughout the night. The risk of thunder and hail towards the south of the region.


A drier spell in the morning but still damp and overcast.


Showers becoming more prolonged and heavier. Staying blustery. Highs of 8C.


WEDNESDAY - Low pressure sinks to the south and we get an easterly airflow. Colder air and damp. Once rain has cleared it will feel noticeably colder.

THURSDAY - The chance of a few light snow flurries in the bitterly cold wind.

FRIDAY - Bright and cold start. Then rain arriving in the evening.