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Mayor under pressure to rethink spending priorities

Boris Johnson will come under pressure today to accelerate house-building and introduce Oyster card discounts for part-time workers.

. Credit: Press Association

The proposals are among a range of measures being put forward by opposition parties at City Hall in a bid to persuade the mayor to change his annual budget.

Johnson is committed to a £4-a-year cut in the bill City Hall levies on London council tax payers - known as the precept.

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But Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green members of the London Assembly are calling on the mayor to adopt different spending priorities. Labour is urging him to create a London Housing Corporation to use taxpayers money to dramatically increase the supply of new homes.

. Credit: Press Association

The Liberal Democrats are demanding an end to chauffeur-driven cars for senior police officers. And the Greens want more money spent on cycling. The three parties traditionally engage in behind-the-scenes horse-trading to try to present a united front and force the mayor's hand.

But failure is usually guaranteed because the Conservatives have enough seats on the Assembly to block any attempt to defeat the mayor's budget.

This year however, Labour and the Lib Dems hope the mayor will offer a concession and re-consider his opposition to part-time travel cards for commuters who work fewer than five days a week.

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