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Weather warnings in wettest January

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After weeks of rainy weather it's now official - it is the wettest January for more than a century.

The record-breaking rainfall has caused misery and disruption across London, and it's not over yet.

There is more rain on the way, and flood alerts remain in force along the Thames in west London:

The outlook for Saturday Credit: Met Office

Ria Chatterjee reports on the disruption today:

The weather outlook for London:

This evening and tonight:

Some showers at first, these becoming isolated later in the evening, with many parts becoming dry for much of the night. A slight frost is possible under any cloud breaks, with also a chance of mist or fog patches developing. Minimum Temperature 0 °C.


Mainly dry but cloudy Friday morning, becoming increasingly windy. Rain arriving in the west early afternoon, spreading across parts of the region by evening. Feeling cold. Maximum Temperature 8 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Weekend, feeling cold in strong, blustery winds, showers, some heavy and perhaps wintry at times, but also sunny spells. Monday, sunny spells, rain or showers later, still quite windy.

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